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The View from Nowhere
at Park Theatre, London

27 June to 22 July 2017

The View From Nowhere

“A thought provoking examination of clashing egos and conflicted interests . . . an unapologetically cerebral production”
The Stage

“Fascinating and compelling in equal measure” ★★★★

“Math Sams is fantastic as Pennington”
View From The Cheap Seat

“It was refreshing to see a play about science where we were allowed to think”
Last Minute Theatre

“A heartfelt critique of the power of corporations in the world of scientific research”

“Mensah Bediako embodies Prez with mercurial charm”

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The View from Nowhere

World premiere

View from Nowhere

Prez is a brilliant biochemist. His experiments show a leading herbicide is carcinogenic. He has an existential fight against entrenched interests on his hands. Not helped by the fact that he wears dreadlocks, dresses like David Bowie, and carries a chip on his shoulder as big as the sink estate he grew up on – where he survived by acting the irreverent clown. In his heart he knows he’s right. But can he prove it?

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Our latest production was the world premiere of a highly topical drama about the environmental threats posed by herbicides, in which dedicated scientists battle Big Chemical (cf. Monsanto’s Roundup, now causing political concern in the EU). The View from Nowhere received an outstanding reception at its four-week run at Park Theatre, Finsbury Park, in June/July 2017.

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Act 1

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Act 2

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Warehouse Visual FINAL

Our first venture was the world premiere of a drama set in a refugee camp: Warehouse of Dreams ran for four weeks at The Lion & Unicorn pub theatre, Kentish Town in November/December 2014.

Audiences were captivated; on this page you can read their comments and the enthusiastic press reviews.